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Here's what your donation can do to introduce more students to the wonders of the marine world, but ANY amount is greatly appreciated! We even have the option to accept recurring monthly donations! Please use the button above to make your online donation today.

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Your gift of

will buy this equipment

or provide this experience
through our Art Mitchell Fund




Two snorkel vests, four pairs of fins, or 10 snorkels (which we are giving away due to COVID-19)



An invertebrate exploration non-snorkeling trip for one Florida Title I student


Fish ID A ream of Rite in the Rain waterproof paper, 20 deep-well slides for our plankton labs, or a set of 18 boards and expo markers for our fish identification class



A virtual coral reef snorkel trip for 30 Florida Title I students




A complete microplastics
lab set up
(pump, filters,
& flask)



A virtual jellyfish or plankton lab for 30 Florida Title I students


Maybe you'd like a T shirt instead? Whatever form it takes, your support is invaluable to us, especially during the pandemic while we are limited in our on-site programming. Thank you in advance!