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Sarah EgnerSarah Egner
Director of Education
BS Biology, Wake Forest
MS Marine Science, University of South Florida

Sarah became Director in charge of our Research & Development programs in 2013 and Director of the entire MarineLab Education program in late 2018. She studied abroad as an undergraduate on South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands. As a graduate student, Sarah was in the Marine Sensory Ecology Lab. Her thesis project was on the hearing capabilities of coral reef fish and the possibility for pelagic larval fish to use reef sounds as a biological cue for orientation towards the reef for settlement. All of her research for her project was conducted in the Florida Keys. While in graduate school she spent her summers teaching marine biology for the Oceanography Camp for Girls and Action Quest in the British Virgin Islands. When she returned to the US, she took a position as an Environmental Specialist at Biological Research Associates in Tampa, FL, then positions with the Florida Institute of Oceanography and the Florida Wildlife Legacy Initiative. Sarah is published in various scientific journals and has written articles for the Divers Alert Network magazine, Alert Diver. Sarah is currently studying with the University of Florida for a degree as a Curriculum Specialist.