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MarineLab STEM Programs

Field experience has been shown to be the best way to reinforce and retain scientific concepts, and MRDF's MarineLab programs are the ultimate field experience for students from 5th grade through college! Focusing on marine ecology, diversity, taxonomy and other related topics, the programs provide both incentive to learn and reinforcement of concepts that may have already been taught in the classroom. We have standard STEM programs & advanced STEM programs with components for AP Environmental Science and AP Biology classes. We also have a STEM Service Learning program which includes opportunities for students to conduct research for a variety of partnering agencies and professors.

All MarineLab programs include snorkeling field trips to the seagrass, mangrove, and coral reef communities. The programs last anywhere from one to six days. Most programs are designed for groups, with a minimum of 9 students. All prices include meals, accommodations, and snorkel gear unless otherwise noted, and are subject to change. Ground transfers to Miami or Ft Lauderdale airports, bed linens, and other options are available for an additional fee. Call 305-451-1139 or email us at

Standard Programs

Rodriguez Key

Our most popular program is the three day, two night program. These programs are ideal for grades 5-8. Students do not need to know how to swim; snorkeling instruction and gear is provided. Our 3 day, 2 night program incorporates our core curriculum of seagrass, mangrove, and coral reef ecology, and includes labs on zooplankton and invertebrates. A shorter 2 day 1 night version is also available. Other standard programs range from one to five days in length, and can be customized.

Advanced Programs

AP students

Advanced program activities usually incorporate some type of research technique, such as using quadrats to do seagrass surveys. The programs start with a 4 day 3 night program but can be customized. These are excellent programs for high school students, especially students in AP Environmental Science or AP Biology classes.