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Published Reports & Past Projects

Listed here are published reports and presentations resulting from our various projects and research over the years. Also included are project descriptions.


Pioneered the development of undersea habitats, equipment, and techniques to live and work on the ocean floor.

Living and Working In The Sea,

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MRDF's work in fisheries research and aquaculture provided valuable data for ongoing projects.

NASA CELSS OCEAN Project (hydroponics). An operational Controlled Ecologicial Life Support System (CELSS) protoype hydrophonis unit planned for lunar, Mars or space station missions field tested in the MarineLab Undersea Laboratory. Chamberland D., John F. Kennedy Space Center Office of Biological Research and Life Support report, May 1994.

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Developed the technique for controlled extraction of calcium carbonate from seawater for "marine accretion projects."

Chris Scala, artist. Accretion of several scultpures in the MRDF using this technique. These sculptures included a statue of a woman, "Thanks," subsequently used in a fountain (1989); a sculpture called "Exploding Sphere" which was displayed at the 1994 World Cup; and a statue named "Ascending Swimmer," a larger-than-life female figure (1996.)

Michele Oka Doner, artist. Accretion of two obelisks which were then placed in a park in Santa Monica, CA. (1992)

"The Venice Accretion Project." Michele Oka Doner; A Kress Foundation Publication, 1991.


Helped plan and implement management and conservation of marine resources. 

"Results of a Workshop on Coral Reef Research and Management in the Florida Keys: A Blueprint for Action." Miller, J., Editor, National Undersea Research Program Research Report 88-5, 1988.

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Remote Operation of ROV's over the Internet for Education and Research, Chris Olstad (MRDF) and Tom Glebas (VideoRay); published in Proceedings, Underwater Intervention 2008.

CISTERN ARCHEOLOGICAL MAPPING EXPEDITION TO MALTA, USING MICRO-ROV’S (Project Update) Investigators: Christopher Clark, Computer Science Dept, Cal. Polytech State U. San Luis Obispo; Christopher Olstad, Marine Resources Development Foundation, Key Largo, FL.; Keith Buhagiar, Dept. of Classics & Archeology, University of Malta; Timmy Gambin, AURORA Special Purpose Trust, Malta. 2008.

EVALUATION OF NEURAL NETWORKS FOR DATA CLASSIFICATION, RECOGNITION, AND NAVIGATION IN THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT. (Doctoral Dissertation) Author: Brian P. Howell. Department of Marine and Environmental Systems, Florida Institute of Technology, May, 2004.

EXTRACTION EFFICIENCY OF AN ARTIFICIAL GILL Investigators: Bruce Zenner, Bob Cashon, Dan Rittschof, Taylor (Tap) Pryor
A collaborative investigation between Duke University and Aquanautics Corporation to observe carrier gas oxygen extraction efficiency thru a semipermeable membrane, and the filtration fouling aspects of this seawater system, during deployment from a manned undersea station. August 1984.


Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station. The Analog station was constructed at Kennedy Space Center and placed in the MRDF lagoon as an analog for space exploration, providing K-12 students with a better understanding of life support systems and crew functions in space. 1998.


"Diving in a Drop of Water." Egner, Sarah. Alert Diver Magazine, Q1 Winter 2015.

"Mangroves and Seagrass." Egner, Sarah. Alert Diver Magazine, Spring 2014.


Facilitated research and helped establish medical expertise for Man in the Sea programs.

THE EFFECTS OF HYPERBARIC ENVIRONMENT-INDUCED pH CHANGES ON THE GENERATION TIMES OF PSEUDOMONASAERUGINOSA (Abstract) Authors: Contessa E. Creager, Sarah 0.Hammar, Mitchell W. Jacobs, John Wayne Kalda, Spring J. Mayer, Brandon J. McCall, Jenny M. Volkert, William J. Soeffing. 2002 Proceedings of the South Dakota Academy of Science, Vol. 81, p. 267.

OBSERVATIONS ON THE COLONIAL MORPHOLOGIES, CELL-CELL ADHESION CHARACTERISITCS AND ANTIBIOTIC SENSITIVITY OF PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSA IN A HYPERBARIC ENVIRONMENT (Abstract). Authors: Brandon J. McCall, Sarah O. Hammar, Nicolas L. Strasser, William J. Soeffing. 2002 Proceedings of the South Dakota Academy of Science, Vol. 81, p 269.

(Abstract / Presentation) Authors: Sarah O. Hammar, Brandon J. McCall, Jenny M. Volkert, Contessa E. Creager, Spring Mayer, Nicholas L. Strasser, Julie M. Altmann, Julie A. Groen, Casey J. Schlenker, William J. Soeffing. 2001 Proceedings of the South Dakota Academy of Science, Vol. 80, p.435

THE EFFECTS OF HYPERBARIC AIR ON THE POPULATION GROWTH RATES OF THE COMMON ETIOLOGICAL AGENTS OF OTITIS AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF A BUFFERED GENERAL GROWTH MEDIUM FOR USE IN COMPRESSED AIR ENVIRONMENTS (Abstract / Presentation) Authors: Bradley L. Dubbels, Jena D. French, Jennifer D. Tranas, Richard T. Dickey, David J. Dingsor, William J. Soeffing. 1996 Proceedings of the South Dakota Academy of Science, Vol. 75, p.149.

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"The efficacies of common antibiotics administered at 1.62 ATA to two escherichia coli-variants." Kuske S.G., Sioux Falls University, Hyperbaric Studies Sect-Marine Microbiology report, May 1991.