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Marine Resources Development Foundation's 5-acre waterfront facility sits on Largo Sound in Key Largo, FL. Our main building houses dorm rooms and labs for our MarineLab education program, offices, restrooms, maintenance shop and gift shop. In addition, we have a cafeteria, a floating conference center containing two classrooms with internet access, and a small apartment for housing up to 4 staff and guest scientists. There are large tanks with saltwater flow, one adjacent to Largo Sound and the other adjacent to our boat basin and under shade. We also have campus-wide wireless internet access.

LocationOur location provides quick access to both the coral reefs of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and Florida Bay in Everglades National Park. Ideally situated right next to Adams Cut, we can get to either side of Key Largo within minutes.

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Following is a photo gallery of the facility.


Lagoon Lagoon Command Van Command Van

The command van is the communications center for both habitats.
The lagoon is a protected area excellent for training and testing, and hosts two underwater habitats.
Boats Boat Basin Pavilion Pavilion Beach Beach
Bayside Bayside Classroom FCC FCC Oceanside FCC Oceanside
Blue lab Blue Lab Cafeteria Cafeteria Green Lab Green lab
Big bldg Big Building Dorms dorm room Volleyball court courtyard
Fort1 Fort Kitchen Fort2 Fort Living area Fort3 Galley view
A single bedroom opens off the living area, and a double bedroom opens off the dining area in the Fort.
The Fort has a common area for living, dining and cooking.
Housing for staff and visiting scientists is affectionately known as "the Fort."
The volleyball court in the big building provides recreational area and shelter from rain and sun.
The dorms are air conditioned and carpeted. We can house up to 100 people in the big building, with large rooms hosting 12 - 16 each and three smaller rooms housing 4 each.
The Big Building houses dorms, labs, rest rooms, maintenance shop and gift shop.
The green lab contains several parallel tables and can double as a classroom. Both labs are air conditioned.
Our cafeteria feeds up to 90 people, three meals a day.
The blue lab contains two large work tables.
The Oceanside classroom is slightly smaller than the Bayside. Both classrooms have computers, video scopes, and projectors.
The FCC contains two air conditioned classrooms..
The Bayside classroom in the FCC holds up to 44 students.
Our sandy waterfront area provides a beautiful view of Largo Sound and a nice place to relax.
The Pavilion is a sheltered area that doubles as a presentation area, staging area for field trips, and general recreation.
The boat basin houses our fleet of inspected vessels.